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Are you concerned about the medical billing and medical office management aspect of your practice? Are you being fully compensated for your efforts?

Would you like an unbiased second opinion regarding said?

Contact Marydel Corporation at marydelcorp01@yahoo.com to schedule a no-cost assessment.

Marydel Corporation is a full service medical billing reimbursement/consulting firm dedicated to assisting medical practices in achieving greater medical billing efficiency while reducing costs. These sound business solutions can be achieved by providing healthcare professionals with the option of out-sourcing their insurance processing and medical billing to an expert reimbursement service. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal and we will customize our services to fit your practice.
Do these terms mean anything to you:
  • Do you know your third party fee schedules?
  • What is your claims processing and turn around time?
  • What are your current procedures for following-up on unpaid claims?
  • Are you projecting fees?
  • Do you know what you are entitled to?
  • Do you know how to increase your monthly revenue?

Marydel Corporation can help you answer these and many other important Questions. Call us today to schedule an initial no-cost independent assessment of your medical billing practices.

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